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Crossword Answers : 4:P.M., traditionally
TEATIME 4:P.M., traditionally
ASTUTE ___ the custom (traditionally)
ASWAS ___ the custom (traditionally)
ASUNBURNEDPANDA ___ the custom (traditionally)
SRS "Skip day" participants traditionally: Abbr.
ODILE "Swan" in a black tutu traditionally
XPERCENTER *Agent traditionally
XPERCENTER *Agent, traditionally
VAMPIRE *Garlic avoider traditionally
VAMPIRE *Garlic avoider, traditionally
RANCH *It's one long story traditionally
CHRYSANTHEMUM *Traditionally yellow flower (2 to 6)
TEATIME 4 p.m. in England traditionally
TEATIME 4 p.m. in England, traditionally
TEATIME 4: P.M., traditionally
TEATIME 4:00 P.M. traditionally
TEASER 4:00 P.M., traditionally
TEATIME 4:00 P.M., traditionally
URN A golden one is traditionally used to help select Tibetan lamas
FOUR Afternoon tea time traditionally
FOUNTAINOFYOUTH Afternoon tea time, traditionally
ARAB Al-Jazeera viewer traditionally
ARA Al-Jazeera viewer, traditionally
IDO Altar reply traditionally
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