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Crossword Answers : 3 D shape
SHAMO Private eye.â€‌ nyt 1952 SHANTIES Opposite of palaces. nyt 1952 SHAPE Its headquarters are at Rocquencourt. nyt 1952 SHAPE One-time Ike post. nyt 1952 SHAPE Ridgway's new command. nyt 1952 SH
STEW Bent-out-of-shape shape
EDIT Get Shape into shape
REMOLD Shape into a new shape
OGEE __ delta (Concorde wing shape)
WHIP __ into shape (train)
INBAD __ shape: not well
INNO __ way, shape or form
INNO __ way, shape, or form
HALE ___ and hearty (in good shape)
CUPIDS ___ bow (upper lip shape)
FLATIRON ___ Building (skyscraper named for its triangular shape)
OGEE ___ delta (Concorde wing shape)
FIGURE ___ eight (track shape)
WHIP ___ into shape
WHIP ___ into shape (train)
CHIA ___ Mr. T (plant that grows in the shape of a mohawk)
BENT ___ out of shape
BENT ___ out of shape (flustered)
INBETTER ___ shape (improving)
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Capital of Morroco
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