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Crossword Answers : 2005 "50th Anniversary" autos
TBIRDS 2005 "50th Anniversary" autos
DITTO atc 2005 DIVA Prima donna atc 2005 DIVA Star of the opera atc 2005 DIVANS Soft seats atc 2005 DIVAS Met stars atc 2005 DIVE Jump in head-first atc 2005 DIVE Seedy bar atc 2005 DIVEBOMBER Kin
SCAT Get lost, cat! atc 2005 SCAT Ella's forte atc 2005 SCAT Fitzgerald's forte atc 2005 SCAT Get lost! atc 2005 SCAT Improvisational singing style atc 2005 SCAT Shoo! atc 2005 SCAT Shoo! atc 2005
TIMRICE Jesus Christ Superstarâ€‌ lyricist nyt 2005 TIN 10th-anniversary metal nyt 2005 TIN Canterbury can nyt 2005 TIN Oscar statuette, mostly nyt 2005 TIN Pewter, in part nyt 2005 TINA A Sinatra ny
EINE ____ Kleine Nachtmusik atc 2005 EINE One, to Kohl atc 2005 EINS Ones, in Berlin atc 2005 EIR Norse goddess of healing atc 2005 EIRE Cork's locale atc 2005 EIRE Cork's locale atc 2005 EIRE Dub
UNCLE I've had enough!' nyt 2005 UNCLE Family man nyt 2005 UNCLES Family men nyt 2005 UNCLIP Detach, as a lapel mike nyt 2005 UNCOIL Straighten out nyt 2005 UNCOLORED Plain nyt 2005 UNCORDIAL Chill
AMITOBLAME Is this really my fault?â€‌ nyt 2005 AMITY Friendliness nyt 2005 AMMAN Mideast capital nyt 2005 AMMO BB's and bullets nyt 2005 AMMO Buckshot and such nyt 2005 AMMO Ordnance component nyt 2005
RIGHTON You said it!â€‌ nyt 2005 RIGHTTHISSECOND Pronto nyt 2005 RIGHTWING Part of a hockey line nyt 2005 RIGID Inflexible nyt 2005 RIGID Unbending nyt 2005 RIGID Unyielding nyt 2005 RIGOR Lack of la
TRASHTV Masterpiece Theatreâ€‌ it ain't nyt 2005 TRASHTV Certain guilty pleasure nyt 2005 TRAUMA Hospital's ___ center nyt 2005 TRAVANTI Daniel who played Furillo nyt 2005 TRAVEL Sunday newspaper sec
BANDSTAND *TV show that had a 50th anniversary celebration in 2002
MILESTONE 50th anniversary for example
JUBILEE 50th anniversary for one
GOLDNUGGET 50th anniversary gift for a fast-food worker?
MILE 50th anniversary, for example
MILESTONE 50th anniversary, for example
JUBILEE 50th anniversary, for one
JOWLY 50th anniversary, for one
GOLDENJUBILEE 50th-anniversary celebration
MATUREBOND Cause for a 50th anniversary celebration?
IMPALA Chevy celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2008
ESWATINI Country renamed by King Mswati III celebrating its 50th anniversary of independence
GOLD Gift for a 50th anniversary you'll always treasure?
JUBILEE Golden ___: 50th anniversary
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