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Crossword Answers : [Crickets]
MAYBE _____ Baby (Crickets hit)
MAYBE "___ Baby" (Crickets hit)
MAYBE "_____ Baby" (Crickets hit)
EGADS "Jiminy crickets!"
DEBUT "The 'Chirping' Crickets" was Buddy Holly's this
PEGGYSUE 1957 hit for Buddy Holly and the Crickets
OHBOY 1957 hit for The Crickets
OHBOY 1957-58 hit for Buddy Holly and the Crickets
OHBOY 1958 Top 10 hit for the Crickets
TROPICANA Club __, Wham No. record with crickets intro
MATINGCALLS Cricket noises for crickets
INSECTS Crickets and beetles
CHIRP Crickets do it
ROCKANDROLLBAND Crickets or Beatles
GRIGS Crickets or grasshoppers
GRIEF Crickets or grasshoppers
IPHONE Device offering a classic "crickets" text tone
ORTHOPTERA Grasshoppers and crickets
WATERDRAGON Hopper Jr., whom Charlie Sheen would likely feed crickets and mealworms
SHRILLY How crickets chirp
CICADAS Latin for "tree crickets"
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