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Crossword Answers : *Evaluated
ASSES *Evaluated
SIZED ___ up (evaluated)
FDA "These statements have not been evaluated by the ___" (ad disclaimer)
CHAIR Equipment evaluated in ergonomics
RATED Evaluated as a movie
RATED Evaluated as an Uber driver
SIZED Evaluated with 'up'
SIZED Evaluated with "up"
ASSESS Evaluated
RATE Evaluated
ASSES Evaluated
RARER Evaluated
RATED Evaluated
GRADED Evaluated
TESTATE Evaluated
TESTED Evaluated
RASPY Evaluated
GAUGED Evaluated
ASSAYED Evaluated
ASSESSED Evaluated
SIZEDUP Evaluated
GRADEA Evaluated
TESTB Evaluated
RATEDRICE Evaluated a Chinese food staple?
WEIGHEDWHEY Evaluated a milk product?
RERATED Evaluated again
RATED Evaluated an employee
RATED Evaluated and graded
REASSESSED Evaluated anew
REJUDGED Evaluated anew
CASED Evaluated for robbing
RATEDNORMANAWL Evaluated implement used by William the Conqueror's shoemaker
RATED Evaluated tread badly
RATED Evaluated, as a movie
SIZEDUP Evaluated, as competition
SITTER Evaluated, with 'up'
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