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Crossword Answers : *Ban
TEST ___ ban
ATEST ___ ban
TEST ___ ban.
ATEST ___ ban.
TOTAL ___ fire ban
THRESHOLD ___ Test-Ban Treaty:
THRESHOLD ___ Test-Ban Treaty: 1974
ARRIERE ___-ban (call to arms)
ARIZONA ___-ban (call to arms)
STRAW "Ban plastic" movement target
BSA "Be Prepared" org. that recently lifted its ban on openly gay members
GOWETYOUNGMAN "Oppose this liquor ban dude!"
BLABS {/Ban/}
BLUELAW *Sunday liquor-buying ban e.g. (7)
BLUELAW *Sunday liquor-buying ban, e.g.
SIMPLEABUNDANCE # 2 on the 1997 non-fiction list by Sarah Ban Breathnach
BLACKLIST <em>Ban</em>
EMBARGO A ban on trade with another nation
Analcite A ban or curse pronounced with religious solemnity by ecclesiastical authority, and accompanied by excommunication. Hence: Denunciation of anything as accursed.
BLANKETPROHIBITION Across-the-board ban
JODYWILLIAMS Activist who helped found the International Campaign to Ban Landmines
WILD Baldwin dismissed ban as uncivilised
DISBAR Ban as an attorney
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