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Crossword Answers : 'The Simpsons character'
APSO 'The Simpsons character'
APU 'The Simpsons character'
ARTIE ___ Ziff "The Simpsons" character voiced by Jon Lovitz
ARTES ___ Ziff, "The Simpsons" character voiced by Jon Lovitz
APSO 'The Simpsons' character
APU 'The Simpsons' character
DAVEPRICE "Early Show" weatherman who's a dead ringer for the "Simpsons" character Milhouse
STU "Simpsons" character Disco ___
LISA "Simpsons" character
STU "Simpsons" character Disco ___
APU "Simpsons" character from Rahmatpur
ARTIEZIFF "Simpsons" character voiced by Jon Lovitz
SIDESHOWBOB "Simpsons" character voiced by Kelsey Grammer
APU "Simpsons" character who debuted in the episode "The Telltale Head"
NED "Simpsons" character who uses the "diddly" infix
MOE "Simpsons" character who was briefly called "Kid Gorgeous " in his boxing career
MOE "Simpsons" character who was called "Kid Gorgeous " then "Kid Presentable " then "Kid Gruesome " in his boxing career
OTTO "Simpsons" character who was on Homer's bowling team
APU "Simpsons" character who was widely canceled but not you know actually canceled
APU "Simpsons" character who's the subject of a documentary by Hari Kondabolu
OTTO "Simpsons" character whose last name was supposed to be Mechanic
APU "Simpsons" character with a Ph.D. in computer science
APU "Simpsons" character with multiple bullet wounds
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