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Crossword Answers : 'I've had!'
MAKE "Early in life, I had learned that if you want something, you had better ___ some noise": Malcolm X
SPLAT "Had to get your Prince / Had to get your cow / Have to get your wish / Doesn't matter how / Anyway it doesn't matter now / It's the last midnight / It's the boom-___!" ("Into The Woods" ly
NIT "He had this wife y'see / Pretty little thing / Silly little ___ / Had her chance for the moon on a string / Poor thing" ("Sweeney Todd" lyric)
AJOB "I had ___ I had a girl..." (opening line of Springsteen's "Downbound Train")
MANY "I had not thought death had undone so ___": "The Waste Land"
AGAP "If he had been forgotten it had been as ___ in our great feast": Lady Macbeth
ALLABOUTEVE *She had to leave an ideal home had three kids etc.
ALLABOUTEVE *She had to leave an ideal home, had three kids, etc.
ANAPHORA A rewrite of 'Mary Had a Little Lamb' using ___: 'A lamb quite little Mary had / A lamb fleece white as snow'
ANAPHORA A rewrite of "Mary Had a Little Lamb" using ___: "A lamb quite little, Mary had / A lamb, fleece white as snow"
ADEUCE Had ___ of a time (had trouble)
MANUP I had not thought death had undone so ___: "The Waste Land"
AGAP If he had been forgotten, it had been as ___ in our great feast: Lady Macbeth
CAPTAINCOOK On May 2 marine archaeologists announced that they had located this explorer's ship HMS Endeavour off the coast of Rhode Island where it had sunk in 1778
GUS Oscarâ€‌ winner for best male supporting role. nyt 1948 GYRUS One of the ridges on brain surface. nyt 1948 GYVE Shackle. nyt 1948 HAD Owned. nyt 1948 HAD Possessed. nyt 1948 HAG Macbeth advis
KAELIN Simpson trial witness whom was joked to be proof that Gilligan and Ginger Grant had had children
WEBMD Site that kept telling me I either had sunburn or cancer when I had food poisoning
ONCE ___ I Had a Secret Love
AWIFE . . . had ___ and couldn't . . .
NOROOF . . . had ___ to shroud his head: Heywood
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