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Crossword Answers : 'Do re mi' exercise
SOLFEGE 'Do re mi' exercise
SWIMSPA Aquatic exercise tub allowing its user to exercise in place
WARE Pre-exercise exercise
WARM Pre-exercise exercise
WARMUP Pre-exercise exercise
TAE __ Bo: exercise method
TAI __ chi (exercise system)
TAI __ chi: Chinese exercise
TRICEP __ exercise: upper arm strengthener
WII __ Fit: video exercise game
YARD ___ ___ Prison exercise area
TAE ___ Bo ('90s exercise craze)
SWEDEN ___ Bo ('90s exercise craze)
TAE ___ Bo ('90s exercise fad)
TAE ___ Bo (Billy Blanks' exercise form)
TAE ___ Bo (Billy Blanks' exercise system)
TAE ___ Bo (Billy Blanks's exercise form)
TAE ___ Bo (exercise fad)
TAD ___ Bo (exercise system)
TAE ___ Bo (exercise system)
TADA ___ Bo (exercise system)
TAE ___ Bo: exercise method (3)
TAI ___ chi (Chinese exercise system)
TAI ___ chi (Chinese exercise)
TAI ___ chi (Eastern exercise)
TAI ___ chi (exercise method)
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