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Crossword Answers : "Why, certainly!"
NATCH "Why, certainly!"
UGH "WHY WHY WHY?!" gruntwise
ARGH "Why! Why! Why!"
GAH "Why!? Why!? Why!?"
YES "Why certainly!"
SURE "Why certainly!"
NATCH "Why certainly!"
BYALLMEANS "Why certainly!"
OKEYDOKE "Why certainly!"
SUREENOUGH "Why certainly!"
OUI Mais ___! (why certainly!): Fr
OUI Mais ___! (why certainly!): Fr.
YES Why, certainly!
SURE Why, certainly!
NAT Why, certainly!
NATCH Why, certainly!
YENTAS Why, certainly!
CANTI . . . why, oh, why __?
CANTI "... why oh why ___?"
FDR "That's why he was standing back so far! / That's why when he aimed he missed the car! / Just lucky I was there or we'd have been left bereft of ___!" ("Assassins" lyric)
HARBURG "Why oh why can't I?" lyricist
CANTI "Why oh why ___?"
CANTI "Why oh why ___?" ("Over the Rainbow" lyric)
WISHYOUWEREGERE "Why oh why isn't my boyfriend more like the 1999 sexiest man alive?"?
FAQSOFLIFE "Why do fools fall in love?" and "Why is the sky blue?" for two?
CANTI "Why oh why" follower
BROW "Why waste your precious breath? Why beat your handsome ___? Nothing changes nothing chages nothing changes anyhow." - "Hadestown"
UMNO "Why... why would you think that extremely wrong thing?"
LEAL Sharon of "Why Did I Get Married?" and "Why Did I Get Married Too?"
ASKME The Beatles' "___ Why" or Billy Joel's "Don't ___ Why"
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