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Crossword Answers : "We can discuss this fully later"
LETSTALK "We can discuss this fully later"
LETSEE We can discuss this fully later
TALKOVER Discuss or make it hard for someone else to discuss
HASH Discuss fully
HASHOUT Discuss fully
HASHOUT Discuss fully: Colloq
HASHES Discuss fully: Colloq.
HASHOUT Discuss fully: Colloq.
HOLDTHATTHOUGHT "We'll discuss it later"
TABLE Agree to discuss later
SYKES Agree to discuss later
TABLE Decide to discuss later
SHELVED Decided to discuss later say
TABLED Decided to discuss later
TABLES Saves to discuss later
TABLA Saves to discuss later
HOLDINGPEN We'll discuss it later
FEELLIKETALKING "Can we discuss this?"
TABOOMASTERMIND Evil genius you can't discuss?
CLASSIFIEDADAGE Saw you can't discuss publicly?
PUTTINGOFFTHEDOG "Later Rex later... down boy " for example?
TOUCHPAD HP tablet released in July 2011 then discontinued six weeks later (then revived later in the year!)
HASH ___ out (discuss at length)
HASH ___ out (discuss)
HASH ___ over (discuss)
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