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Crossword Answers : "This ___ is taken"
SEAT "This ___ is taken"
LIAMNEESON * of "Taken" and "Taken 2"
NOTES In class they can be taken or taken away
NOTES In class, they can be taken or taken away
WED Take and be taken by someone with whom you're taken
ADOLESCENCE Taken by adoption; taken up as one's own; as, an adopted son, citizen, country, word.
SEEN Taken in as "Taken"
SEEN Taken in, as "Taken"
MENUS They're taken once orders are taken
MENUDO They're taken once orders are taken
OFFENSE What someone who says "none taken" hasn't taken
THECOASTISCLEAR ___ ___ ___ ___ O ___ S ___ ___ ___ C ___ ___ A R
CLOSEBUTNOCIGAR ___ ___ O S ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ C ___ ___ A R
LIAM ___ Neeson of 'Taken'
LIAM ___ Neeson of "Taken"
REO ___ Speedwagon (band that would have had a different name if its keyboardist hadn't taken a transportation history class)
IVE ___ taken my fun
IVANHOE ___ taken my fun . . .
HEA ...had taken from man, made ___ woman (Genesis)
HEA ...had taken from man, made ___ woman.: Genesis
HADI "___ taken an extra ten seconds..."
IVE "___ taken my fun... "
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