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Crossword Answers : "The hole " to jailbirds
SOLITARY "The hole " to jailbirds
SOLITARY The hole, to jailbirds
TEADANCE A thé dansant
TASSE Item for café or thé
TASSE Thé cup, maybe
BARON Cosmetics company jailbirds?
BARREDOFAVON Cosmetics company jailbirds?
JOHNNYOUTOFCASH Faith among jailbirds?
JOINTTRUST Faith among jailbirds?
SOUPCONS Hints of course by jailbirds (8)
CONS Jailbirds
COMIC Jailbirds
TERMERS Jailbirds
INMATES Jailbirds
TIME Jailbirds do it
ESCAPEES Jailbirds on the lam
EMIT Let loose / Jailbirds do it
BARS What jailbirds are behind
SHOT ___ hole (hole made in wood by an insect)
MAKEMINEADOUBLE Duffer's sad 18th-hole reply to "Bogey for you?" ... and 19th-hole request to the bartender?
STARTSATAB Gets in the hole at a watering hole
EAGLE Hole in one on a par three hole
CONDOR Hole in one on a par 5 hole
CONCISE Hole in one on a par 5 hole
EAGLE Hole in one, on a par three hole
STRAND Hole whose eagle would be a hole-in-one
BROKENCONDOM Site of an undesirable hole inside a desirable hole
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