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Crossword Answers : "The ___ of Hoffmann"
TALES "The ___ of Hoffmann"
ETA Tales of Hoffmann's Hoffmann
TEADANCE A thé dansant
TASSE Item for café or thé
TASSE Thé cup, maybe
TALES ___ of Hoffmann
TALES ___ of Hoffmann.
TALENTS ___ of Hoffmann.
TALES "___ of Hoffmann"
TALES "___ of Hoffmann" [opera about the discovery of orbital symmetry?]
LSD "___: My Problem Child" (memoir by Swiss chemist Albert Hoffmann who lived to age 102)
ETA Composer ___ Hoffmann: Inits.
MIRACLE Dr. ___ Hoffmann magician
MIRACLE Dr. ___, Hoffmann magician
TALESOF Offenbach's "The ___ Hoffmann"
TALES The ___ of Hoffmann
TALER The ___ of Hoffmann.
GABY "Girls" Emmy nominee Hoffmann
OFFENBACH "Les Contes d'Hoffmann" composer
OFFENBACH "Tales of Hoffmann" composer
STELLA "The Tales of Hoffmann" role
ASPIRIN 1897 Felix Hoffmann discovery
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