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Crossword Answers : "Star Wars" Han
SOLO "Star Wars" Han
ALPACINO Actor who turned down the role of Han Solo (apparently because he didn't understand the script of "Star Wars")
GRE Bounty hunter shot by Han Solo in "Star Wars: A New Hope"
ALDEN Ehrenreich starring as Han Solo in "Solo: A Star Wars Story"
LANDO Friend of Han in "Star Wars"
LANDOCALRISSIAN Friend of Han Solo in "Star Wars"
LANDOCALRISSIAN Friend of Han Solo, in "Star Wars"
MACLUNKEY Greedo's last word just before Han shoots him in "Star Wars"
SOLO Han ___ from Star Wars
SODAS Han of "Star Wars"
SOLO Han of "Star Wars"
SOLO Han of Star Wars
LANDOCALRISSIAN Han Solo's buddy in the "Star Wars" franchise
LANDO Han's "Star Wars" frenemy
LEIA Han's honey in "Star Wars" films
LEIA Han's honey, in "Star Wars" films
SOLO Star Wars Han
CARRIEFISHER 'Star Wars' co-star
CARDINALDESIRES 'Star Wars' co-star
FORD "Star Wars" star
CARRIEFISHER "Star Wars" star
FISHER "Star Wars" star
ALECGUINNESS "Star Wars" star
HAMILL "Star Wars" star
MARKHAMILL "Star Wars" star
EWAN "Star Wars" star McGregor
MARKHAMILL "Star Wars" star on "General Hospital"
PROTONTORPEDOES *They destroy the Death Star in "Star Wars: A New Hope" (1977)
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