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Crossword Answers : "Star" in a garden
ASTER "Star" in a garden
TEAROSE Fragrant garden hybrid with a variety called Garden Party
HOSE Garden item that sounds like the plural of another garden item
HORSED Garden item that sounds like the plural of another garden item
HOSE Garden tool that sounds like the plural of another garden tool
HOE Garden tool whose plural sounds like another garden tool
PHYSIC Herbal garden also known as apothecaries’ garden
TALLYS Belongs to the star of "Scarecrow in a Garden of Cucumbers"
LYNNANDERSON Country star who crossed over with "Rose Garden " born in Grand Forks N. Dak.
ASTER Garden star
ASTER Garden-variety star?
ZACH Natalie's "Garden State" co-star
YAY Natalie's "Garden State" co-star
DAMENELLIEMELBA Onetime Covent Garden star
ASTER Star in a garden
ASTER Star of the garden
ASTER Star of the garden.
TOMATO Star of the kitchen garden
TOM Star of the kitchen garden.
HAYLEYMILLS The Chalk Garden star 1964
NATALIE Zach's "Garden State" co-star
CANDIDE . . . but we must cultivate our garden
SEED . . . garden that grows to ___: Hamlet
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