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Crossword Answers : "So many desserts ___ time..."
SOLITTLE "So many desserts ___ time..."
EONS Many many many many many moons
EON Many, many, many, many, many moons
OREO Cookie used in many desserts
NONOS Desserts to many dieters
NONOS Desserts, to many dieters
AGARAGAR Gelatin alternative in many Asian desserts
AGAR Ingredient in many Asian desserts
AGAINSTTHEWIND Ingredient in many Asian desserts
PEPPERMINT Ingredient in many Christmas desserts
AGAR Ingredient in many desserts
SLIVERED Like almonds in many casseroles salads and desserts
SLIVERED Like almonds in many casseroles, salads, and desserts
SWEETS Many desserts
KEYLIMEPIE *Delicious tart dessert that's easily one of the top five desserts of all time IMO
SARA ___ Lee Desserts
GUILT ___-free desserts
RUSSES Charlotte ___ (desserts)
RUSKS Charlotte ___ (sponge cake desserts)
RUSSES Charlotte ___ (sponge cake desserts)
ICECREAMSUNDAES Chocolate ___ (desserts)
CHIPCOOKIES Chocolate ___ (desserts)
MOUSSECAKES Chocolate ___ (desserts)
ICES Italian ___ (summertime desserts)
MELBAS Peach ___ (desserts)
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