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Crossword Answers : "Seek roses in ___... "
DECEMBER "Seek roses in ___... "
ICEIN "Seek roses in December ___ June": Byron
ICEIN "Seek roses in December, ___ June": Byron
DECEM Seek roses in ___ . . .
ICE Seek roses in December, ___ in June—Byron
ICARUS Seek roses in December, ___ in June.—Byron.
ICEIN Seek roses in December, ___ June: Byron
RUDYARDKIPLING He wrote 'Roses red and roses white / Plucked I for my love's delight'
RUDYARDKIPLING He wrote, "Roses red and roses white / Plucked I for my love's delight"
NEWOLD Restorers seek "___ ___ stock" parts (3 3)
ABED not ___ of roses
ABED . . . not ___ of roses
THORN ___ between two roses
ITSSO ___ Easy: Guns N' Roses tune
ASHES ___ of roses bluish-red color.
ATTA ___ of roses
BASES ___ of roses
ASHES ___ of roses
BED ___ of roses
ALOSS ___ of roses
ABED ___ of roses
ATTAR ___ of roses
ATTACHE ___ of roses
BET ___ of Roses (1995 adult contemporary album)
ATTAR ___ of roses (perfumed oil)
ASHES ___ of roses (rose gray)
ASHES ___ of roses (rose gray).
LADDER ___ of Roses, 1915 song
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