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Crossword Answers : "Primitive" feelings
URGES "Primitive" feelings
ARARA A prefix signifying chief, arch; as, architect, archiepiscopal. In Biol. and Anat. it usually means primitive, original, ancestral; as, archipterygium, the primitive fin or wing.
EARLE G.E. College Bowlâ€‌ host nyt 1995 EARLE Primitive painter Ralph nyt 1995 EARLE _____ Naval Weapons Station, N.J. nyt 1995 EARLES Primitive artist Ralph et al. nyt 1995 EARLESS Like some seal
URGE Primitive feelings
TOTEMIC Of primitive tribal symbols
MEDICINE ___ man, primitive doctor
MEDICI ___ man, primitive doctor.
LIMBIC ___ system (primitive brain system)
MEAD "Sex and Temperament in Three Primitive Societies" author
Araucaria A hollow blastula, supposed to be the primitive form; a c/loblastula.
APOD A place on the south side of the chancel in the primitive churches, furnished with shelves, for books, vestments, etc.
SPORE A primitive reproductive body
TOOL Activity for primitive man
TOOLMAKING Activity for primitive man
GRANDMAMOSES American primitive painter
SHELLTOPAY Amount owed in a primitive barter system?
ANIMISTS Believers in a primitive religion
ANIMISTS Believers in a primitive religion.
ANIMATO Believers in a primitive religion.
MOSES Big name in primitive art
SPEAR Catch fish in a primitive way
SPEAR Catch fish, in a primitive way
SPCA Catch fish, in a primitive way
SPEAK Catch fish, in a primitive way
CANNIBALS Certain primitive savages
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