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Crossword Answers : "Porte ___ Lilas" (Oscar nominatedfilm)
DES "Porte ___ Lilas" (Oscar-nominatedfilm)
DES "Porte ___ Lilas" (Oscar-nominated 1957 film)
DERIVES Porte ___ Lilas (Oscar-nominated 1957 film)
LES ___ Lilas (Paris suburb)
LES _____ Lilas (Paris suburb)
FLEUR Lilas or tulipe
PIETRO Attendant at le porte del paradiso
BASTILE Castle razed at Porte St Antoine, Paris
BASSO Castle razed at Porte St. Antoine, Paris.
IRADE Decree of the Sublime Porte
IRA Decree of the Sublime Porte.
INNS Establishments that often have porte cochères
INNS Establishments that often have porte cocheres
INNIE Establishments that often have porte cochأ¨res
MESHBAGS Evening porte-monnaies
MESAS Evening porte-monnaies.
MARSEILLE Porte d'Aix locale
HANDBAGS Relatives of porte-monnaies
HAND Relatives of porte-monnaies.
PARISMETRO System with a Porte de Versailles station
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