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Crossword Answers : "New Jack Hustler" singer
ICET "New Jack Hustler" singer
FASTEDDIEFELSON "The Hustler" hustler
EDDIE Fast ___ Felson real-life hustler portrayed in "The Hustler"
EDAMS Fast ___ Felson, real-life hustler portrayed in "The Hustler"
FLYNT Hustler of Hustler
FLYINGSOLO Hustler of Hustler
FASTEDDIEFELSON The Hustler hustler
EDDIE The hustler in "The Hustler"
EDDIE The hustler in The Hustler
ICET "New Jack Hustler" rapper
ICET New Jack Hustler rapper
AMERICANPIE Classic hit with the lyric "Jack be nimble Jack be quick Jack Flash sat on a candlestick"
MINNESOTA ___ Fats (Gleason role in "The Hustler")
RATSO ___ Rizzo hustler in "Midnight Cowboy"
RATS ___ Rizzo, hustler in "Midnight Cowboy"
EDDIE "Fast" guy in "The Hustler"
AFIVE "Gimme two tens for ___" (hustler's gambit)
ASIDE "I'll spot you two strokes ___": Golf hustler's offer
RATSO "Midnight Cowboy" hustler
RATSO "Midnight Cowboy" hustler Rizzo
SEQUEL "The Color of Money " to "The Hustler"
GLEASON "The Hustler" actor (1961)
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