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Crossword Answers : "High ___,"movie
SIERRA "High ___,"movie
AIM "___ High" (webseries about a secret agent who goes to high school - get it? high? like high school?)
TVMOVIE "High School Musical" or "High School Musical 2 " but not "High School Musical 3"
TOPSY High ___.â€‌ nyt 1952 TOR High ___," by Maxwell Anderson.
ABOVE "She's so high high ___ me..." (Tal Bachman)
SIERRA "High ___ " Bogart movie
SIERRA "High ___," Bogart movie
OCLOCK "Twelve ___ High" (1949 movie)
SIERRA High ___, 1941 movie
SIERRA High ___, Bogart movie
OCLOCK Twelve ___ High (1949 movie)
TEEN ___ Beach Movie (Disney movie)
ULEES "___ Gold" (1997 movie seen more in crosswords than actually seen by movie viewers)
BEE "___ Movie" (2007 DreamWorks movie written by Jerry Seinfeld)
TIA "High School High" actress Carrere
JANISJOPLIN *Singer whose last high-profile appearance was attending her high school reunion
DECLARES Goes high for example in a high-low split game in which cards do not speak*
JETSTREAM High high winds
SKY High (and high-priced) options for spectators
SKYBOXSEATS High (and high-priced) options for spectators
HOP High school dance back when this puzzle's honoree was in high school
HAPPYFEVER High temperature that puts you in high spirits?
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