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Crossword Answers : "Get ___ Up" (John Mellencamp hit)
ALEG "Get ___ Up" (John Mellencamp hit)
ALEC Get ___ Up (John Mellencamp hit)
ONTO "Hand to Hold ___" (1982 John Mellencamp hit)
NEEDA "I ___ Lover" (John Mellencamp hit)
JACKANDDIANE John Mellencamp hit
SPLAT "Had to get your Prince / Had to get your cow / Have to get your wish / Doesn't matter how / Anyway it doesn't matter now / It's the last midnight / It's the boom-___!" ("Into The Woods" ly
OPRAH "You get a car! You get a car! You get a car!" speaker
THECOASTISCLEAR ___ ___ ___ ___ O ___ S ___ ___ ___ C ___ ___ A R
CLOSEBUTNOCIGAR ___ ___ O S ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ C ___ ___ A R
EVEN "Don't get mad get ___"
GLAD "Don't get mad. Get ___"
INOR "Get ___ get out"
ALIFE "Get ___": "Get with it!"
JOB "Get a haircut and get a real ___"
UNDERSTANDING "Get wisdom get ___" (Prov. 4:5)
ENVIED "Man will do many things to get himself loved he will do all things to get himself ___": Mark Twain
EVEN Aerosmith "Don't Get Mad Get ___"
EVAN Aerosmith "Don't Get Mad, Get ___"
EVEN Don't get mad, get ___
EVE Don't get mad, get ___
ARAISE Get ___ (get more money)
LAID Get ___ (get some)
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