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Crossword Answers : "Fin" Tutuola portrayer
ICET "Fin" Tutuola portrayer
ICET "Fin" Tutuola portrayer on "Law & Order: SVU"
IBMS Fin Tutuola portrayer on "Law & Order: SVU"
DORSAL ___ fin
DORIES ___ fin
ANAL ___ fin (appendage near a fish's tail)
ALA ___ fin (at last): Fr.
DORSAL ___ fin (fish feature)
DORSAL ___ fin (shark feature)
DORSAL ___ fin (shark part)
DORITOS ___ fin (shark part)
DORSAL ___ fin (shark's giveaway)
DEGAS "Fin d'Arabesque" painter
ONES "Fin" components
ONE 20 percent of a fin
CNOTE 20-fin bill
CLOYED 20-fin bill
ONE 20% of a fin
TENNER A fin doubled
Amplexation A group of teleostean fishes destitute of spiny fin-rays, as the cod.
ARARA A prefix signifying chief, arch; as, architect, archiepiscopal. In Biol. and Anat. it usually means primitive, original, ancestral; as, archipterygium, the primitive fin or wing.
Acaleph A spine or prickly fin.
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