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Crossword Answers : "Fee, fi, fo, ___"
FUM "Fee, fi, fo, ___"
ROOF ___ and 59-Across (lodger's fee)
USER ___ fee
LATE ___ fee
ATM ___ fee
USERS ___ fee
STUD ___ fee
USEIT ___ fee
PAYA ___ fee (get charged)
POOR ___ Tax: $15 Monopoly fee
FIFO 'Fee ___ fum'
FIE "Fee ___ fo ..."
FIE "Fee ___ foe fum"
FIE "Fee ___ foe..."
FUM "Fee fi fo ___!"
FUM "Fee fi fo ___"
FUM "Fee fi fo ___"
FUM "Fee fi fo ___..."
FIE "Fee ___ foe fum"
FUM "Fee fi fo ___"
FIFO "Fee-___-fum..."
FOFUM "Fee-fi-___!" (quatrain from "Jack and the Beanstalk")
FUM "Fee-fi-fo-___ I smell the blood of an Englishman" (fairy tale couplet that somehow doesn't rhyme despite using basically nonsense words)
FOFUM "Fee-fie-___!"
FIE "Fee, ___, foe, fum"
AMO "Jock-___ fee-na-ne" ("Iko Iko" lyrics)
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