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Crossword Answers : "Dancing With the Stars" rarity
SOLO "Dancing With the Stars" rarity
TEADANCE A thé dansant
TASSE Item for café or thé
TASSE Thé cup, maybe
ASTA Dancing man in "Dancing Lady"
ASTAIRE Dancing man in "Dancing Lady"
DISOBEY Dancing man in "Dancing Lady"
ERIN ___ Andrews co-host of "Dancing With the Stars"
ERIN ___ Andrews former co-host of "Dancing with the Stars"
ERIK ___ Andrews, co-host of "Dancing With the Stars"
CARRIE ___ Ann Inaba ("Dancing With the Stars" judge)
APOLO ___ Anton Ohno (speed skater with eight Olympic medals and a "Dancing With the Stars" championship)
PASO ___ doble ("Dancing With the Stars" dance)
LEMONTREE ___ Goodman, longtime judge on "Dancing With the Stars"
ERIN 'Dancing with the Stars' cohost Andrews
LEN 'Dancing With the Stars' judge Goodman
TEN "Dancing With the Stars" achievement
ABC "Dancing With the Stars" airer
ABCTV "Dancing With the Stars" airer
SAPP "Dancing with the Stars" athlete
TRIP "Dancing With the Stars" blunder
TRIP "Dancing with the Stars" boo-boo
APOLO "Dancing With the Stars" champ ___ Anton Ohno
OSMOND "Dancing with the Stars" champ Donny
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