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Crossword Answers : "Cop Killer" rapper
ICET "Cop Killer" rapper
ICET "Cop Killer" singer who went on to play a cop on TV
ICERUN Cop Killer singer who went on to play a cop on TV
ICET Frontman on the song "Cop Killer" who now plays a cop on TV
LONGISLANDICET "Cop Killer" rapper at the beach in Montauk?
ICET Cop Killer rapper
KATHYBATES Actor who has played a psycho killer but has no relation to the "Psycho" killer
ICET "Cop Killer" artist
ICETTOP Cardigan worn in the video for "Cop Killer"?
ICET He went from "Cop Killer" to "Law & Order"
ICET Who said "If you believe that I'm a cop killer you believe David Bowie is an astronaut"
YUMAD "Beverly Hills Cop" cop
ROLES "Good cop/bad cop" parts
FRIDAY "I'm a cop" cop
LEGO "The ___ Movie" (2014 film featuring Liam Neeson as Bad Cop/Good Cop)
AXEL Beverly Hills Cop cop
POLICEMAN Cop — male cop in complex
ROLES Good cop/bad cop parts
LEGO The ___ Movie (2014 film featuring Liam Neeson as Bad Cop/Good Cop)
ICET Cop portrayer and rapper
ICESKATERS Platinum-selling rapper-turned-TV cop
ICET Platinum-selling rapper-turned-TV cop
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