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Crossword Answers : "Cool" rap artist?
ICET "Cool" rap artist?
NEAT "Cool cool cool!"
ICET Cool rap artist?
IDIGIT "Cool " to a cool cat
PHAT "Cool " to those who think they're cool using rap slang
MINT "Cool" flavor or slang meaning "cool"
ACTCASUAL "Just be cool. Be cool."
MCDLT Big N' Tasty precursor that promised that the "hot stays hot" and the "cool stays cool"
LAYLA Clapton song with a cool riff but not cool enough to be in every single damn movie about tough men (I'm looking at you Scorsese and Tarantino)
ICEMAN Cool cool customer
HEP Cool like a cool cat
HEP Cool like a cool cat
DOPENESS Cool quality (a word that all the cool kids are using these days I'm sure)
ICEMAN Cool, cool customer
HEP Cool, like a cool cat
PHAT Cool, to those who think they're cool using rap slang
MCDLTS Former fast-food offerings advertised with the catchphrase "Keep the hot side hot and the cool side cool"
DLT Mc___ (burger packaged to keep "the hot side hot" and "the cool side cool")
HOT Super-cool ... or not cool at all?
HOT Super-cool... or not cool at all?
KOOL __ Moe Dee (rap artist)
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