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Crossword Answers : "CHiPs" actress Oakes
RANDI "CHiPs" actress Oakes
RANDI Actress Oakes of "CHiPs"
RANDI CHiPs actress Oakes
FRENCHFRIES Chips to Mr. Chips
ANTE Chips in chips
ANTES Chips in chips
ANTENNAE Chips in chips
FRENCHFRIES Chips, to Mr. Chips
FREEING Chips, to Mr. Chips
ENTREE Fish and chips, but not chips and salsa
FRED Mr. Chips' chips
FRENCHFRIES Mr. Chips' chips
LATIN Mr. Chips's class in "Goodbye Mr. Chips"
LATHS Mr. Chips's class in "Goodbye, Mr. Chips"
LATIN Mr. Chips's class in "Goodbye, Mr. Chips"
OTOOLE Peter who was Mr. Chips in 'Goodbye Mr. Chips'
OTOOLE Peter who was Mr. Chips in "Goodbye, Mr. Chips"
YAM Source of some chips in a bag of Terra Chips
TATERS The "chips" in fish and chips slangily
TATERS The "chips" in fish and chips, slangily
TARO What some Terra Chips snack chips are made of
FISH __ and chips
SHES ___ all that and a bag of chips
FISH ___ and chips
TIMS ___ Cascade Style Potato Chips (very highly recommended)
TERRA ___ chips
TARO ___ chips
KALE ___ chips
POTATO ___ chips
PITA ___ chips
NACHO ___ chips
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