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Crossword Answers : "All righty whaddawe have here..."
SOLETSSEE "All righty whaddawe have here..."
SOHOT "There's not a breath of air up here / And they're up here forever / It's not my fault I got up here / I'll rot up here / I am ___ up here!" ("Sunday in the Park With George" lyric)
THEN "All righty ___!"
OKTHEN "Um, all righty"
THEN All righty __!
LASVEGAS Southwestern city reportedly changing its famous slogan "What Happens Here Stays Here" to "What Happens Here Only Happens Here" in 2020
BACKHANDEDCOMPLIMENTS "For a righty you hit the ball pretty well on your left side " and others?
BACKHANDEDCOMPLIMENTS "For a righty, you hit the ball pretty well on your left side," and others?
SCREW "Righty tighty lefty loosey" subject
SWITCHHIT Bat lefty or righty
BACH For a righty, you hit the ball pretty well on your left side, and others?
SWITCHHITTER Righty and lefty
OREL Righty Hershiser
OREG Righty Hershiser
KOLP Righty pitcher Ray 1921-34
NOLAN Righty Ryan
SCREW Righty tighty, lefty loosey subject
ALIT The whole quantity, extent, duration, amount, quality, or degree of; the whole; the whole number of; any whatever; every; as, all the wheat; all the land; all the year; all the strength; all
MEG "Here Here and Here" (___ & Dia)
MEAN Here, Here and Here (___ & Dia)
MEETME "You shouldn't have to drive all the way out here"
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