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1. Trendy New York area
2. SoHo neighbor
3. Home to De Niro's film festival
4. Manhattan neighborhood that's home to a film festival
5. Touristy Manhattan area
6. Trendy Manhattan area
7. Holland Tunnel's neighborhood
8. Subaru SUV named after a section of NYC
9. New York film festival site
10. Area south of SoHo
11. Nanosecond
12. What a king may win
13. Cry while holding a bag
14. Hand-held "Star Trek" devices
15. *Underhanded stratagem
16. Certain spears ... or a curious spelling feature of 1-, 20-, 26-, 45- and 53-Across?
17. ___ and true
18. Travis of country
19. With 54-Across and 63-Across, U2 song about dangerous "Spider-Man" rigging?
20. Three-note grouping
21. Manhattan nabe with a film festival
22. Area of Manhattan near Soho
23. Downtown Manhattan neighborhood
24. Setting for an annual New York film festival
25. Manhattan area next to Chinatown
26. Manhattan neighborhood
27. Area of Manhattan
28. Arty NYC area
29. Film festival founded as a reponse to the 9/11 attacks
30. Film festival location
31. Hip New York City area
32. Holland Tunnel's eastern outlet
33. Lower Manhattan locale
34. Manhattan area bordered by Broadway
35. Manhattan area with an annual film festival
36. Manhattan district
37. Manhattan film festival locale
38. Manhattan neighborhood next to SoHo
39. Manhattan neighborhood where a cab tire is fixed
40. NYC area
41. NYC film festival site
42. NYC neighborhood with a film festival
43. Neighbor of SoHo
44. Neighborhood at the New York end of the Holland Tunnel
45. Neighborhood in which the original "Ghostbusters" base of operations was filmed
46. Neighborhood where the Ghostbusters headquarters are
47. New York City film festival founded by Robert De Niro
48. New York Law School's neighborhood
49. New York neighborhood
50. Noted film festival site since 2002
51. Race around part of New York (7)
52. Robert De Niro's film studio
53. SoHo neighbor (first fourth and sixth letters capitalized originally though less often nowadays)
54. Subaru model named for a NYC neighborhood
55. Trendy Big Apple area
56. Trendy Manhattan neighborhood where Robert De Niro founded a film festival
57. Where De Niro founded a film festival
58. Area named for its shape and location
59. True companion?
60. Having a catch
61. French flag
62. More banal
63. Court of justice
64. Supreme Court, e.g.
65. Poseidon's prop
66. Homage