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# Clue
1. Swapped
2. Was a stockbroker
3. Worked on the Street
4. Played the market
5. Like some disgruntled ballplayers
6. Was involved in some give-and-take?
7. Dealt to another team
8. Gave one for another
9. Given up for another
10. Dealt players
11. Got into the market
12. Appeared on the Exchange
13. Took Monty Hall's offer
14. Wedding trailer
15. Pipe-fitting and others
16. *Teach Dick and Jane's dog new tricks?
17. Backpacker's path
18. Situation depicted at 39-Across
19. Soho trolley
20. Hypnotized states
21. Creature catchers
22. Ryan Adams song that rolls?
23. Barker of Blink-182
24. Shopped
25. Sent to another club
26. Bartered
27. Made a swap
28. Printing, carpentry, etc.
29. Sent to a new team
30. Sent to another team
31. Dealt in stocks
32. Exchanged ball players
33. Available on the stock exchange
34. Bought and sold
35. Darted about the N.Y.S.E.
36. Darted around a stock exchange
37. Dealt
38. Dealt (with).
39. Dealt with.
40. Did business
41. Exchanged
42. Gave and got
43. Gave in exchange
44. Gave up a draft choice perhaps
45. How some not-so-good ballplayers find themselves
46. Like stocks
47. Made a deal
48. No longer on the team perhaps
49. Obtained things as on the frontier
50. Played the stock market
51. Sent to another baseball team
52. Swapped (6)
53. Swapped as Doritos for Fritos at lunchtime
54. Switched song by Pay the Girl?
55. Took a pitcher for a catcher.
56. Trafficked
57. Went to a swap meet
58. What people did illegally on Napster
59. Worked as a stockbroker
60. Worked in the Stock Exchange.
61. Wall Street type
62. Swap shop proprietor
63. Path
64. Follow the leader
65. Lag
66. Dealt in Wall St.
67. Home on wheels.
68. An exchange of compliments.
69. Swapped.
70. Symbols of merchandise.
71. Changed old car for new.
72. Shipping lane.
73. Secondhand car.
74. Bookstore specialties.
75. Merchant.
76. Reciprocal compliment.
77. The point of the commercial.
78. Victrola, E-Z Fix, Sudsies, etc.
79. Gave up a draft choice, perhaps
80. Carried on business
81. Had dealings (with)
82. Worked in the Stock Exchange
83. Took a pitcher for a catcher
84. Dealt with