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# Clue
1. Wearer of a comic mask
2. Muse of comedy
3. One of three Graces
4. Comedian's Muse
5. Comic's Muse
6. Comedy Muse
7. Connoisseur of comedy
8. Embodiment of comedy
9. '-- she blows!'
10. Greek comedy muse
11. More___meets the eye
12. Comedic inspiration
13. Sister of Erato
14. One of Mnemosyne's daughters
15. One of Zeus's daughters
16. Dobie Gillis' dream girl
17. Classic theater name
18. Sister of Calliope
19. Sister of Clio
20. Muse of comedy and pastoral poetry in Greek mythology
21. One of the three Graces
22. Greek Muse of comedy
23. A Muse
24. Another Muse
25. Comic's inspiration
26. Is Muse in L.A. a hit?
27. Mexican singer who shares her name with a Muse
28. Muse for Rob Reiner
29. Muse of Greek myth hidden in "myth alias"
30. Muse of comedy.
31. Name shared by a Grace and a Muse
32. One of the Graces
33. One of the Three Graces.
34. Poetic Muse
35. Punk rocker Zedek
36. The Muse of comedy
37. Tower Bridge river
38. Better you ___ me!
39. There's gold in them ___ hills!
40. Death personified, in ancient Greece
41. Lieutenant Kojak
42. Compared to
43. Larger ___ life
44. Part of a comparison
45. Macbeth or Macduff
46. Better late __ never
47. View from the London Eye
48. Imagine ___!
49. Conjunction.
50. The dignity of a Scot's peer.
51. River in Connecticut.
52. The Pool, near London Bridge.
53. Particle in a comparison.
54. Common conjunction.
55. Comparative particle.
56. Windsor's river.