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1. "The Alchemy of Finance" author George
2. Hungarian-born financier/philanthropist
3. George who wrote "The Bubble of American Supremacy"
4. The Alchemy of Finance author George
5. Hungarian-born financier George
6. Billionaire financier George
7. Hungarian-born financier
8. Mediocre follower of Marx?
9. Word after Red, White, or Black
10. Put in the proper piles
11. Billionaire George
12. George who wrote "The Alchemy of Finance"
13. Philanthropist George
14. Financier George
15. Palindromic name high on the Forbes billionaires list
16. Billionaire George who is the subject of many conspiracy theories
17. Billionaire who definitely doesn't have aibohphobia
18. Budapest-born billionaire
19. Businessman George who's a part of the global conspiracy according to these websites I found
20. George of the Open Society Institute
21. George on an annual Forbes list
22. George who "broke the Bank of England" with a 1992 short sale
23. Hedge fund titan nicknamed "The Palindrome"
24. Hungarian philanthropist George
25. Hungarian-born philanthropist
26. Hungarian-born philanthropist George
27. Investor George
28. Loaded George
29. Market titan George
30. benefactor George
31. Multi-billionaire George
32. Open Society Foundations founder George
33. Open Society Institute founder
34. Open Society Institute founder George
35. Open Society founder George
36. Palindromic billionaire
37. Palindromic financier
38. Palindromic philanthropist
39. Stock trader George
40. Wealthy George
41. ___ Fund Management (investment company)
42. Ill-planned military mission?
43. Call letters?
44. Kind
45. Military movements
46. Class