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# Clue
1. Widened a hole
2. Pressed the juice out
3. Cleaned a briar
4. Extracted juice, in a way
5. Widened a gun bore
6. Used an orange squeezer
7. Didn't just criticize
8. Criticized and how!
9. Chewed out but good
10. Widened, as a hole
11. Cleaned a pipe's bowl
12. Gather what's been sown
13. One going against the grain?
14. Adapted for TV, say
15. 'Turn On the Radio' singer
16. Enlarges, as a hole
17. Bored
18. Juiced
19. Cleaned out, as with a pipe cleaner
20. Chewed out
21. Enlarged a hole
22. Bawled (out)
23. Bored out
24. Chewed (out)
25. Cleaned out as with a pipe cleaner
26. Cleaned as a pipe
27. Cleared pipes
28. Criticized angrily with "out"
29. Did a metalworker's job
30. Enlarged
31. Enlarged (a hole)
32. Enlarged the bore (of a gun).
33. Enlarged as a hole
34. Enlarged with out
35. Enlarges as a hole
36. Extracted juice from
37. Extracted juice in a way
38. Park in New York City say
39. Pressed the juice out of
40. Really chewed out
41. Reprimanded with "out"
42. Scolded severely
43. Scolded severely with "out"
44. Scolded with "out"
45. Severely criticized
46. Squeezed the juice from
47. Squeezed the juice out of
48. Totally cheated
49. Used a fruit squeezer
50. Used a pipe cleaner
51. Used an auger
52. Widened as a bore
53. Widened as a hole
54. Cleaned, as a pipe
55. Paper supply
56. Gather
57. Hole-enlarging tool
58. Copier paper purchases
59. Harvest
60. Lots
61. Admiral's position?
62. Gains
63. Reprimanded, with "out"
64. Read the riot act to
65. A lot
66. Carpenter's tool.
67. Orange juice extractor.
68. A great amount: Colloq.
69. Rotary tool.
70. Cheated, in slang
71. Scolded, with "out"
72. Enlarged the bore (of a gun)
73. Cleaned out with a pipe cleaner