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1. Stamp on some pkgs.
2. Abbr. in a mail-order ad
3. Mail order abbr.
4. One way to send merchandise: Abbr.
5. Stamp not reqd.
6. Not C.O.D.
7. Like rained-out games, on scoreboards
8. One way to send merchandise (Abbr.)
9. Including shipping: abbr.
10. Mail-order ad abbr.
11. Without a bal.
12. Like all 10-Downs: Abbr.
13. Remitted in advance (Abbr.)
14. Rained out, e.g.: Abbr.
15. Like many a reply env.
16. Like some pkgs.
17. Scoreboard abbr. for a rainout
18. Incl. shipping
19. Like some parcels: Abbr.
20. Plain variety
21. Get on in advance, as an airplane
22. Canoe cousin
23. Soho strollers
24. Like some packages: Abbr.
25. Shipping term: Abbr.
26. Initials on a parcel
27. Steed's movement
28. Central European sensors?
29. Opp. of 29 Across
30. Mail-order abbr.
31. Not COD
32. C.O.D.'s opposite
33. Rained out (abbr.)
34. Shipment notation: Abbr.
35. How most goods must be ordered by mail: Abbr.
36. Abbr. on a delivery slip
37. Bill marking: Abbr.
38. C.O.D. alternative
39. Delayed: abbr.
40. Game-delay abbr.
41. Like SASEs
42. Like business reply mail: Abbr.
43. Like rained-out games on scoreboards
44. Like some deliveries: abbr.
45. Not requiring COD
46. Opposite of COD
47. Opposite of C.O.D.
48. P.O. abbr.
49. Package abbr.
50. Package abbreviation
51. Paid in advance: Abbr.
52. Purchased beforehand: abbr.
53. Rained out e.g. (Abbr.)
54. Rained out e.g.: Abbr.
55. Rained out: abbr.
56. Remitted in advance: Abbr.
57. Shipped free for short
58. Shipping department abbr.
59. Shipping letters
60. El ____: museum
61. Strutters
62. Ltr. after-afterthoughts
63. Second addendum to a letter (Abbr.)
64. Fashion label founded in Milan
65. Short-sheeting a bed, e.g.
66. Ltr.'s second add-on
67. OS interface?
68. Additional epistolary afterthought
69. Direction in music.
70. Bill marking: Abbr
71. Shipping term: Abbr