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# Clue
1. Does a grammar exercise
2. Does a Latin I task
3. Dissects a sentence
4. Analyzes grammatically
5. Analyzes a sentence
6. Analyzes sentences
7. Dissects, in a way
8. States one's case?
9. Analyzes syntax
10. Studies sentences
11. Analyzes syntactically
12. Analyzes, as sentences
13. Does a grammarian's job
14. Breaks down in English class?
15. Gets the meaning of
16. Breaks down, as a sentence
17. Examines the syntax of
18. Breaks down in English class
19. Breaks down syntactically
20. Analyzes grammar
21. Analyzes the grammar of
22. Inventor of the first digital calculator
23. Indicates nouns and verbs
24. Analyzes a sentence, in a way
25. Does a grammar chore
26. Analyzes critically
27. Protestant minister
28. Breaks down grammatically
29. Does grammar homework
30. Describes grammatically
31. Analyses a sentence
32. Analyzes
33. Analyzes a sentence in a way
34. Analyzes text
35. Analyzes as a sentence
36. Analyzes as sentences
37. Analyzes as syntax
38. Analyzes as words
39. Analyzes grammatically
40. Analyzes in a way
41. Breaks down grammatically as a sentence
42. Breaks down in class
43. Breaks down as a sentence
44. Breaks down in a way
45. Breaks up a sentence for analysis
46. Critically examines
47. Deconstructs in a way
48. Diagrams a sentence
49. Dissects in a way
50. Does English homework perhaps
51. Does a lesson in grammar.
52. Does a sentence?
53. Emulates grammarians
54. Examines minutely
55. Gives the syntax of.
56. Minces words?
57. Picks apart a sentence
58. Works on a long sentence?
59. Breaks into grammatical parts
60. Works with grammar
61. Breaks down, in a way
62. Analyzes the structure of
63. Deconstructs, in a way
64. Analyzes, as a sentence
65. Wagners operatic knight
66. Man of the cloth
67. Analyzes, grammatically
68. Certain Zoroastrian sect member
69. Zoroastrian
70. Zoroastrian living in India
71. Clergyman
72. Go splitsville
73. AutoZone buy
74. Shindigs
75. Series starter
76. Richard Wagner's final work
77. Kind of house in which the Brontأ« sisters grew up.
78. Fire worshiper of India.
79. Diagrams a sentence.
80. Works with grammar.
81. Vegetable.
82. Gives the syntax.
83. Wagner opera.
84. Herb with edible root.
85. Preacher.
86. Fire worshipper.
87. Acting job.
88. Analyzes, in a way
89. Gives the syntax
90. Gives the syntax of