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1. Famous Moor
2. Moor who suspected amour
3. James Earl Jones role
4. Desdemona's husband
5. Tragedy written in 1604
6. Cassio's general
7. Board game like reversi
8. "O curse of marriage ..." speaker
9. Commercial game with disks
10. "If it were now to die, / 'Twere now to be most happy" speaker
11. Brabantio's son-in-law
12. Murderous Moor
13. Title role for Robeson
14. Play set mostly in Cyprus
15. I kiss'd thee ere I kill'd thee speaker
16. 1604 tragedy
17. Dramatic Moor
18. Robeson role
19. Green-eyed monster play
20. Desdemona's man
21. Role for Robeson
22. Desdemona's killer
23. I kissed thee ere I killed thee speaker
24. Desdemona's love
25. Source of the phrase "pomp and circumstance"
26. Cassio was one of his lieutenants
27. Shakespearean title Moor
28. Iago's superior
29. Shakespeare's Moor
30. Victim of hanky -panky
31. Victim of "hanky"-panky?
32. Cassio's superior
33. Play featuring Cassio
34. Whence the phrase "I will wear my heart upon my sleeve" comes from
35. Bardic off-Broadway role for David Oyelowo
36. Desdemona's husband and murderer
37. Moor on stage
38. *Shakespeare play that inspired a Verdi opera
39. ... And when I love thee not / Chaos is come again speaker
40. Then must you speak / Of one that loved not wisely but too well speaker
41. Cassio's commander
42. Play that inspired an opera
43. The lord in "O beware, my lord, of jealousy!"
44. Play with Iago
45. The lord in "O, beware, my lord, of jealousy!"
46. Token-flipping board game
47. Tragedy of 1604
48. Cassio's boss
49. Desdemona's hubby
50. Robeson Broadway role
51. O curse of marriage ... speaker
52. If it were now to die, / 'Twere now to be most happy speaker
53. This, that and the ___
54. Unspecified group
55. Elisha in the National Inventors Hall of Fame
56. 2012 Grammy-winning rap hit that samples "Try a Little Tenderness"
57. Choice on many surveys
58. Unlisted
59. Sudden death periods: Abbr.
60. Part four of the quote
61. Spanish for 'others'
62. *Shakespearean hero*
63. Murderous Moor from Shakespeare
64. Shakespearean tale of treachery
65. Well-known Moor
66. Moor of Venice
67. Role for Paul Robeson
68. 1982 James Earl Jones role
69. Shakespearean Moor
70. He "lov'd not wisely but too well"
71. Moor drama from Shakespeare
72. Shakespearean lady killer?
73. Game similar to Go
74. Moor jealous of his wife
75. Work of 1604
76. It was first performed at Whitehall Palace in 1604
77. Game with an annual world championship, first held in Tokyo in 1977
78. Noted Venetian army general
79. One who "lov'd not wisely but too well"
80. Eponymous hero's extremely offbeat greeting
81. Iago poisoned his mind
82. Iago's dupe
83. "... And when I love thee not / Chaos is come again" speaker
84. "Green-eyed monster" play
85. "I kiss'd thee ere I kill'd thee" speaker
86. "I kissed thee ere I killed thee" speaker
87. "If it were now to die / 'Twere now to be most happy" speaker
88. "O curse of marriage..." speaker
89. "O fool! fool! fool!" speaker
90. "Put out the light and then put out the light" speaker
91. "Sweet revenge grows harsh" speaker
92. "The Moor of Venice"
93. "Then must you speak / Of one that loved not wisely but too well" speaker
94. 'A minute to learn... a lifetime to master' game
95. 1995 Laurence Fishburne role
96. 1995 role for Laurence Fishburne
97. Black and white board game
98. Board game also called Reversi
99. Board game named after a Shakespeare play
100. Board game with a Shakespearean-sounding name
101. Brabantio's tormented son-in-law
102. Cassio's tragic boss
103. Denzel Washington role
104. Desdemona's Shakespeare play
105. Disc-flipping board game hinted at by a word ladder formed by the answers to the nine starred clues
106. Disc-flipping game
107. Drama of 1604.
108. Fictional general in the Venetian army
109. Game also called "reversi"
110. Game played on a green board
111. Game that comes with a lot of disks
112. Game whose dual-colored pieces are apt for this puzzle's theme
113. Game with a 64-square board
114. Game with an annual world championship first held in Tokyo in 1977
115. Game with discs
116. General role at a Shakespeare festival
117. Globe presentation
118. He "loved not wisely but too well."
119. He loved "too well"
120. His opening line is "'Tis better as it is"
121. Husband of Desdemona
122. Iago's general
123. Jealous stage husband
124. Literature's 'Moor of Venice'
125. Moor in a murder story.
126. Moor jealous?
127. Moor of Venice.
128. Moor of drama.
129. Play seen by Pepys
130. Play with Bianca
131. Play with Venetians
132. Play with a backstabber
133. Play with a traitor
134. Poor Moor
135. Production of 360 years ago.
136. Role for Laurence Olivier and Laurence Fishburne
137. Shakespeare character
138. Shakespeare classic
139. Shakespeare play
140. Shakespeare play in which a handkerchief plays a role
141. Shakespeare role
142. Shakespeare title character
143. Shakespeare tragedy
144. Shakespeare's jealous Moor
145. Shakespeare-inspired brand name for the board game reversi
146. Shakespearean character who said "Would thou hadst ne'er been born"
147. Shakespearean character.
148. Shakespearean dupe.
149. Shakespearean general
150. Shakespearean play
151. Shakespearean title character
152. Shakespearean tragedy
153. Shakespearean tragedy.
154. Source of the words "O beware my lord of jealousy; / It is the green-ey'd monster..."
155. The Moor of Venice
156. The Moor of Venice.
157. The lord in "O beware my lord of jealousy!"
158. The lord in "O beware my lord of jealousy!"
159. Tragedy of 1604.
160. Tragic Moor
161. Tragic Shakespeare character
162. Whence the phrase "wear one's heart on one's sleeve"
163. Whence the phrases "pomp and circumstance" and "a foregone conclusion"
164. Work set mostly in Cyprus
165. The Moor
166. Play and opera role
167. Brand name for the board game Reversi
168. Distinct
169. A wise beginning?
170. Alternative
171. Questionnaire option
172. Survey choice, sometimes
173. None of the above
174. Catchall category
175. Ear-related
176. Ear-relevant
177. Roman emperor of A.D. 69
178. Common check box on surveys
179. Soul singer Redding
180. Big name in elevators
181. Golden Rule word
182. Other, in Oaxaca
183. Ear: Prefix
184. Siouan tribesmen
185. Western tribe
186. Actor Peter
187. Alternates
188. Work by 3 Down
189. Significant person?
190. Additional
191. Category under "race," maybe
192. Significant ___
193. On the __ hand . . .
194. Survey choice
195. Survey option
196. Opposing point of view
197. The ___ Wise Man, by Henry Van Dyke.
198. Iago's dupe.
199. Different in nature.
200. Classic victim of jealousy.
201. Auricular.
202. The Moor.
203. Additional.
204. A different one.
205. Shakespearean role.
206. Different.
207. Different
208. tragedy
209. Drama of
210. Shakespearean role
211. Tragedy of
212. He "loved not wisely, but too well"
213. Production of years ago
214. Moor in a murder story
215. Shakespearean character
216. Work by
217. Tragedy written in
218. William Shakespeare play subtitled The Moor of Venice
219. Shakespeare’s tragedy about racism and jealousy
220. Shakespeare tragedy about Moorish general
221. Board game and Shakespeare’s tragedy
222. Shakespearean play title that rhymes with “jello”
223. Character who “loved not too wisely but too well”