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# Clue
1. "The Suze ___ Show"
2. The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom writer
3. Suze of financial advice
4. Financial advice guru Suze
5. TV financial advisor Suze
6. The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom author
7. TV financial adviser Suze
8. Finance adviser Suze
9. Money expert Suze
10. Big name in financial advice
11. The Road to Wealth author
12. Finance guru Suze
13. TV financial maven Suze
14. Coveted medalla material
15. Medalla de ___ (first-place award in Mexico)
16. Top Olympic medals, in Madrid
17. Satirist P.J.
18. CNBC's Suze
19. Suze of CNBC
20. TV finance guru Suze
21. Financial adviser Suze
22. Financial expert Suze
23. "The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom" author
24. "The 9 Steps to Financial Freedom" writer
25. "The Laws of Money the Lessons of Life: 5 Timeless Secrets to Get Out and Stay Out of Financial Trouble" author Suze
26. "The Money Class" author Suze
27. "The Road to Wealth" author
28. "The Road to Wealth" author Suze
29. "Women & Money" author Suze
30. Advisor Suze
31. CNBC financial advisor Suze
32. Financial advisor Suze
33. Financial advisor and TV host Suze
34. Financial guru Suze
35. Financial guru Suze ___
36. Financial tipster Suze
37. Money guru Suze
38. Money maven Suze
39. Suze of personal finance
40. Suze with financial advice
41. Suze with financial tips
42. Suze with views on financial news
43. TV money maven
44. Elaborately decorated
45. Bulldog on a Mack truck, e.g.
46. French department
47. Caen's river
48. Department of NW France
49. Ready follower?
50. Pizarro's gold
51. Oliver Twist, e.g.
52. Hockey great Bobby
53. Excessively decorated
54. The Road to Wealth author Suze