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1. Alistair Cooke vehicle
2. "Best of . . .'' volume
3. Transport the complete works
4. Trilogy in a single volume, e.g.
6. '50s cultural series hosted by Alistair Cooke
7. Big collection
8. '50s TV cultural series
9. Commuter transport, somewhat formally
10. Wide-ranging cultural series on '50s TV
11. Book of reprints
12. Meditation chants
13. Meditation utterances
14. Justitia ___ (District of Columbia motto meaning "Justice for all")
15. Volume of reprints
16. Kind of bill
17. Best of . . . volume
18. Those believing in all religions.
19. Collected works
20. Collected work
21. Containing many items, as a bill
22. Anthology
23. This may be long for a passenger vehicle
24. The general public
25. "Best of..." volume
26. "Justitia ___" (District of Columbia motto meaning "Justice for all")
27. Book collecting several novels
28. Book containing many reprints
29. Book containing multiple book reprints
30. Collected works volume e.g.
31. Collection of previously published works
32. Commuter transport somewhat formally
33. Compilation book
34. Containing many items as a bill
35. Kind of hearing in criminal court
36. Like some congressional bills
37. Literary collection
38. Reprinted collection
39. Trilogy in a single volume e.g.
40. Vehicle.
41. Volume of reprinted works
42. Works together in a single place
43. Melville's sequel to "Typee"
44. Sequel to "Typee"
45. Katz of "Dallas"
46. Siberian city
47. Cat ___ Hot Tin Roof
48. Actress Munson
49. All-inclusive
50. Melville work
51. Mantras
52. Melville novel.
53. Every: Lat.
54. Popular TV program
55. Relative of
56. Vehicle