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1. Engels's associate
2. Groucho or Karl
3. Groucho
4. Socialism founder
5. Engels associate
6. Zeppo, for one
7. "Das Kapital" author
8. Pop singer Richard
9. "Capital" fellow
10. "Manifesto" writer
11. Out-of-favor icon
12. "The Poverty of Philosophy" author
13. "I have had a perfectly wonderful evening, but this wasn't it" speaker
14. Richard with the#1 hit "Right Here Waiting"
15. Any "Duck Soup" brother
16. Any of the "Animal Crackers" brothers
17. Engels's colleague
18. Harpist of renown
19. Comedic family name
20. Early socialist
21. Das Kapital writer
22. Duck Soup marquee name
23. Author of "The Communist Manifesto"
24. Hart Schaffner & __
25. Brothers with whom Margaret Dumont often appeared
26. Engels collaborator
27. Democracy is the road to socialism writer
28. Time wounds all heels comic
29. Chico's last name
30. Who said "History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce"
31. Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana speaker
32. Influence on Lenin
33. You Bet Your Life host
34. Horse Feathers surname
35. The history of all previous societies has been the history of class struggles espouser
36. His epitaph begins "Workers of all lands unite"
37. Writer on class struggle
38. Any of five O-ending brothers
39. Those are my principles. If you don't like them I have others speaker
40. Horse Feathers family name
41. Chico was the first-born one
42. Communist icon
43. Surname of the stars of 20-, 37- and 53-Across
44. Philosopher influenced by Hegel
45. Chico or Karl
46. Harpo or Chico
47. Animal Crackers surname
48. You Bet Your Life emcee
49. Fraternal funnymen's surname
50. Duck Soup surname
51. Some Eng. majors get them
52. They're often asked to look
53. Some degs. after bachelor's
54. Like "el" or "le": Abbr.
55. Native Kenyans
56. Some postgrad degrees
57. What's more in Madrid?
58. Corn flour in Latin American cuisine
59. Some expensive Italian cars
60. Moonshine maker's need
61. Like the German article "der": Abbr.
62. ___ o menos (Spanish 101 phrase)
63. Ancient fortification overlooking the Dead Sea
64. With 26-Across, "Mad Men" creator
65. Welcome item?
66. State telephone company?
67. Digital music pastiches
68. Robin's face wear
69. Classic TV show with 3 stars?
70. The Communist Manifesto coauthor
71. Brothers seen in "Duck Soup"
72. Gummo, for one
73. Das Kapital author Karl
74. Creator of 32 Down
75. Revolutionary expelled from Prussia in 1849
76. Zeppo or Chico
77. Surname of comedic brothers
78. Big critic of capitalism
79. Noted communist buried in Highgate Cemetery
80. Dictatorship of the proletariat philosopher
81. Duck Soup name
82. Surname of four "Duck Soup" stars
83. Surname of four stars in "Duck Soup"
84. Harpo
85. Karl or Zeppo
86. G.O.P. insider Matalin
87. George V's wife
88. Barker and Kettle, e.g.
89. One of two English queens
90. Das Kapital author
91. Any of the brothers in "Horse Feathers"
92. Harpo or Karl
93. Gummo or Groucho
94. Harpo, e.g.
95. Karl or Harpo
96. Surname in zany comedy
97. Karl or Chico
98. Name of brothers in movies found at 20-, 28-, 48-, and 56-Across
99. Manifesto writer
100. With 53-Across, noted comedy group, in brief
101. Last name in comedy
102. Any brother in "Animal Crackers"
103. Karl with a manifesto
104. Kipling novel (3)
105. Das Kapital author (4)
106. Red stains by one's ears?
107. Harpo ___
108. "A Night at the Opera" surname
109. "Animal Crackers" brothers
110. "Animal Crackers" surname
111. "Capital" one
112. "Das Kapital" writer
113. "Democracy is the road to socialism" writer
114. "Dictatorship of the proletariat" philosopher
115. "Die Deutsche Ideologie" writer
116. "Duck Soup" marquee name
117. "Duck Soup" name
118. "Duck Soup" surname
119. "Endless Summer Nights" singer
120. "Go West" name
121. "Horse Feathers" family name
122. "Horse Feathers" surname
123. "No one is completely unhappy at the failure of his best friend" writer
124. "Revolutions are the locomotives of history" sayer
125. "Right Here Waiting" rocker Richard
126. "The Big Store" name
127. "The Communist Manifesto" coauthor
128. "The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon" author 1852
129. "The Poverty of Philosophy" philosopher
130. "The rich will do anything for the poor but get off their backs" philosopher
131. "The rich will do anything for the poor but get off their backs" theorist
132. "Theories of Surplus Value" author
133. "Time flies like an arrow. Fruit flies like a banana" speaker
134. "Time wounds all heels" comic
135. "You Bet Your Life" emcee
136. 'Das Kapital' author
137. 'Horse Feathers' name
138. 'The history of all previous societies has been the history of class struggles' espouser
139. 1950s-'60s TV quiz show host
140. All seven of his 1980s hits reached the Top 5
141. Any one of five comedy brothers
142. Arthur Herbert Julius or Leonard
143. Big name in communism and comedy
144. Big name in economics history
145. Brothers in "Animal Crackers"
146. Brothers who starred in "Girl Happy"
147. Chico or Harpo
148. Chico Groucho Gummo Harpo Zeppo or Karl
149. Chico Groucho Gummo Harpo or Zeppo of comedy
150. Chico e.g.
151. Class-action philosopher?
152. Collaborator with Engels
153. Comedic actor Groucho
154. Comedy's ___ Brothers
155. Comic Groucho
156. Comic who said "Go and never darken my towels again."
157. Comic who said "Whatever it is I'm against it"
158. Communist Karl
159. Engels' co-author
160. Family name in comedy
161. Famous show biz name.
162. Famous Socialist.
163. Firefly player on film
164. Funny Groucho or Harpo
165. German philosopher
166. German political theorist
167. German social philosopher whose theories began as a reaction to the Industrial Revolution
168. German social-science pioneer
169. German socialist Karl
170. Groucho of comedy
171. Groucho or Chico
172. Groucho or Harpo
173. Groucho or Zeppo
174. Groucho's surname
175. Groucho.
176. Gummo or Zeppo
177. Gummo for one
178. Harpo Groucho or Chico
179. Harpo Zeppo or Groucho
180. Harpo e.g.
181. Harpo for one
182. Hart Schaffner & ___
183. He claimed the Greeks were offside in a Monty Python sketch
184. He had a lot of capital ideas
185. He wrote: "Democracy is the road to socialism"
186. He's buried in Highgate Cemetery
187. His first hit was "Don't Mean Nothing"
188. His masterwork is subtitled "Kritik der politischen Oekonomie"
189. His tombstone reads "Workers of all lands unite"
190. Influence on Castro and Mao
191. Karl of communism
192. Karl or Groucho
193. Karl who co-wrote a manifesto
194. Karl who philosophized about class struggle
195. Karl Richard or Harpo
196. Leonard Arthur or Julius
197. Manifesto coauthor
198. Manifesto man
199. Memorable brothers
200. Noted critic of capitalism
201. Orally grades comedic brother (4)
202. Philosopher Richard
203. Philosopher who gave his name to an -ism
204. Pop star-turned-Nashville producer Richard
205. Proponent of a classless society
206. Prussian-born philosopher
207. Richard or Karl
208. Richard who did "Angelia"
209. Richard who released the album "Repeat Offender"
210. Richard whose first hit was "Don't Mean Nothing"
211. Richard with the 1989 #1 hit "Right Here Waiting"
212. Richard with three #1 hits in 1988-89
213. Rufus T. Firefly portrayer
214. Seminal 19th-century writer.
215. Star of "A Night at the Opera"
216. Star of A Night at the Opera
217. Surname of four "Animal Crackers" actors
218. The ___ Brothers' "A Day at the Races"
219. The second O in the "HOLLYWOOD" sign is dedicated to him
220. Titan of anticapitalism
221. Who said "History repeats itself first as tragedy second as farce"
222. Who said "Quote me as saying I was misquoted"
223. Who said "Revolutions are the locomotives of history"
224. Who said history repeats itself "the first time as tragedy the second time as farce"
225. Who said religion "is the opium of the people"
226. Zeppo or Gummo
227. Zeppo or Karl
228. Zeppo for one
229. ___ Brothers
230. ___ Brothers ("Duck Soup" crew)
231. The Poverty of Philosophy author
232. Animal Crackers brothers
233. Harpo, for one
234. Hail ____ . . .
235. Piet figure
236. Crèche figure
237. Mother of Jesus
238. Steenburgen of "Ragtime"
239. Wife of Abraham Lincoln
240. Shelley who wrote "Frankenstein"
241. Family V.I.P.'s
242. Gender abbr.
243. It might run in the rain
244. More, to a seأ±or
245. Pas' mates
246. No ___!
247. Rural parents
248. Postgrad degrees
249. Pas' partners
250. Shower safety item
251. Gymnasium equipment
252. Gender abbreviation
253. Princeton's Tiger, e.g.
254. Long-running army medical show
255. Actress d'Abo
256. Crأ¨che figure
257. آ،No ___! (boxer Roberto Duran's cry)
258. Horse Feathers name
259. Funny brothers
260. Engels subject
261. Tavern run by funny brothers?
262. Q: See title A: "None--the bulb contains the seeds of its own revolution"
263. Oscar-winning actress in "Melvin and Howard"
264. The Lone Ranger, for one
265. Army mule.
266. It's a Grand Old Name.
267. Famous comedy team.
268. A grand old name.
269. Former queen.
270. Kapital men.
271. Contrary girl.
272. German writer.
273. Girl of rhyme.
274. Garden.
275. Saint ___ River, to Soo Canals.
276. Comedy's __ Brothers
277. See 38-Down
278. Family of comedians
279. th century Communist
280. Famous Socialist
281. German writer
282. Seminal th-century writer
283. Famous show biz name