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# Clue
1. Room-service request
2. Free serving at a restaurant
3. Noncaloric cooler
4. Frigid beverage
5. Vein contents?
6. Contents of a fearless person's veins, reportedly
7. Vein contents of the unflappable?
8. Drink served in two states?
9. Freebie restaurant drink
10. Diner freebie
11. One with a freezing point?
12. Suffix with robot or poet
13. Computer-screen symbol
14. Cold drink
15. Zero-calorie drink
16. Slush, essentially
17. Chinese book of divination
18. French 55-Down
19. Diner serving
20. Free drink at restaurants
21. What flows in the veins of the unflappable?
22. Common restaurant request
23. Restaurant offering
24. Cooler in the summer
25. Summer cooler
26. Restaurant freebie
27. Bar freebie
28. Cafe freebie
29. Cold drink.
30. Cold glassful
31. Cold zero-calorie drink
32. Complimentary quaff at a cafe
33. Contents of a fearless person's veins reportedly
34. Drink garnished with a lemon slice
35. Drink on the house
36. Drink that's often free
37. Free glass
38. Freebie diner drink
39. Heated rocks maybe
40. I cater and we have cold drink
41. If I were cat I'd drink it
42. It was notably dumped on a lot of people in the summer of 2014
43. Metaphor for stoicism
44. Noncaloric thirst quencher
45. Refreshing beverage
46. Refreshing no-cal drink
47. Reportedly I hit the woman with cold liquid (3 5)
48. Scarce potable in N.Y.C.
49. Slush essentially
50. Summer pitcherful
51. Summertime quaff
52. Thirst quencher
53. What a cool customer might have in his or her veins
54. Zero-calorie cooler
55. Bus boy's first chore
56. Less approachable
57. ___ bin ein Berliner (J.F.K. quote)
58. Christmas tree decorations
59. ___ on parle franأ§ais
60. Suffix with diet
61. Vous أھtes ___
62. Arctic
63. Click-on item
64. Here, in Le Havre
65. Book of Changes
66. Einstein's "I"
67. ___ dien (motto of the Prince of Wales)
68. I, in Essen
69. Vous أھtes ___ (map words in Marseilles)
70. German pronoun.
71. Fluid in veins of Olympian gods.
72. Mythical fluid
73. Summer refresher
74. Scarce potable in NYC