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1. Wax-winged flier
2. Melted wax was his downfall
3. First flier lost at sea
4. Son of Daedalus
5. Ill-fated flier of myth
6. Victim of sun burn?
7. In myth he flew too close to the sun
8. Asteroid that gets nearer to the sun than any other body
9. Meltdown victim of myth
10. He fell into the Aegean Sea
11. Legendary high flier
12. Ill-fated flier
13. Ill-fated escapee
14. Ill-fated escapee from Crete
15. Classic victim of hubris
16. Maker of an ill-fated flight
17. His wings melted in the sun
18. Youth who flew too near the sun
19. Youth who flew too near to the sun
20. Flier undone by melting wax
21. Escapee from Crete
22. Plummeter of myth
23. The hot wings weren't good for him
24. Mythical plunger
25. Daedalus's unfortunate son
26. Victim of a mythical meltdown
27. Sun-burned flier of myth
28. Ill-fated son of Daedalus
29. Boy who had a legendary meltdown
30. Hot wings did him in
31. Victim of hot wings?
32. Boy whose wings melted in the sun
33. Mythical flyer
34. Berg composition
35. Word before maker or breaker
36. *Water cooler
37. Freezerful
38. 'Law & Order: SVU' co-star
39. It's cold, regardless of climate
40. Kind of bag or axe
41. Wax-winged flier who went too close to the sun, in myth
42. Unfortunate flier of myth
43. Wax-winged youth of myth
44. He took a famous mythological fall
45. Mythical meltdown victim
46. Mythological flier
47. Flier of myth
48. Long-range weapons
49. Weapons limited by 10-Across
50. Christmas traveler's worry
51. H20 at 0آ°
52. He tried to escape from Crete
53. Daedalus's son
54. He got a fatal sunburn
55. Labyrinth prisoner of myth
56. Legendary meltdown victim
57. Mythical figure who flew too near the sun
58. One who flew too close to the sun
59. Legendary skydiver
60. He died soon after escaping from Crete
61. Escapee who fell to his death in the sea
62. He flew too close to the sun, in myth
63. Mythical flier
64. Asteroid with the closest approach to the sun
65. "Planet of the Apes" spacecraft
66. A Greek who got too much sun
67. A minicar used to have this flier
68. Airman of myth.
69. Asteroid that gets close to the sun
70. Curia's ill-fated flier
71. Doomed Greek with wax wings
72. Epitome of hubris
73. Fired-up Greek?
74. Flew-too-close-to-the-sun guy
75. Flying man of Greek myth.
76. Flying son of Daedalus
77. Greek who got too much sun
78. He flew on wax-attached wings.
79. He flew too close to the Sun
80. He flew too close to the sun in myth
81. He shouldn't have gotten so high
82. He succumbed to melted wings
83. He took a flight from Crete
84. High flier
85. High-flier of myth
86. His wings melted
87. Hubristic flier of myth
88. Ill-fated flier in a Bruegel landscape
89. Ill-fated flyer
90. Legendary flier
91. Legendary highflier
92. Mythical aviator
93. Mythical birdman
94. Mythical boy who had a dramatic rise and fall
95. Mythical escapee from the labyrinth
96. Mythical figure who flew too close to the sun
97. Mythical figured who burned in the sky
98. Mythical flyer.
99. Mythical one who flew too close to the sun
100. Mythical waxwing?
101. Mythological character referenced in the "Hamilton" song "Burn"
102. Mythological figure who's a symbol of hubris
103. Mythological youth who went through a meltdown?
104. Robert Ludlum's "The ___ Agenda"
105. Son of Daedalus who flew too close to the sun
106. Son of Daedalus.
107. Son undone by the sun
108. Star of "The Flight that Failed"?
109. Sunburn victim of myth?
110. The sun melted his wings
111. Victim of sunburn?
112. Wax-winged flier of myth
113. Wax-winged flier who went too close to the sun in myth
114. Wearer of wax wings
115. Winged figure... briefly
116. Winged son of Daedalus
117. Youth who flew too close to the sun
118. Mythical victim of hubris
119. Diamonds to a fence
120. Subject of SALT
121. DOD projectile
122. Atlas, Titan or Minuteman
123. DOD weapon
124. Sculpting medium
125. Winter coat
126. Put away
127. Knock off
128. Arctic covering
129. Blood of the gods
130. Bar supply
131. Hockey surface
132. Titan or Minuteman, e.g.
133. Silo filler
134. Former agcy. that regulated railways
135. Long-range nuke
136. Seek roses in December, ___ in June.—Byron.
137. A dessert.
138. Mythological flier.
139. Commerce-regulating agency.
140. It regulates railroads.
141. Interstate agency.
142. Camphor ___.
143. Weapon of the future.
144. Far-range missile: Colloq.
145. Commerce agency: Abbr.
146. Federal agency established 1887.
147. Commerce group.
148. Govt. group.
149. Flier of Greek myth
150. Legendary airman
151. He flew on wax-attached wings
152. Flying man of Greek myth
153. Airman of myth
154. Melted wax was his fall
155. Spaceship in the first Planet of the Apes
156. Developed wings and flew too close to the sun
157. His father built the Labyrinth for King Minos
158. Mythical character who flew too close to the sun