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# Clue
1. Macintosh laptop
2. Bygone laptop
3. Apple product of yore
4. Computer that originally ran Mac OS 8.6
5. Old Mac laptop
6. Apple that weighs about five pounds
7. Discontinued Apple laptop
8. ___ hardly wait!: 2 wds.
9. Optimistic assertion
10. Turndown from the overcommitted
11. Noted corporate raider of the 1980s
12. Let's see what you've got, in poker
13. Neat, like a mixed drink
14. Bygone Apple laptop
15. Bygone Apple product
16. Apple laptop of the early 2000s
17. Apple oldie
18. Former Apple laptop
19. Old Apple laptop
20. Popular laptop
21. Mac product
22. Apple laptop
23. Apple product
24. Old Apple
25. Apple laptop (19992005)
26. Apple variety
27. Apple's G4 perhaps
28. Apple's answer to the Thinkpad
29. Autobiography?
30. Casualty of Apple's switch to Intel
31. Certain laptop
32. Clamshell computer
33. Colorful laptop discontinued in 2006
34. Early-2000s ThinkPad competitor
35. First mass consumer product offering Wi-Fi
36. Former Apple product with a "Snow" version
37. Former laptop line
38. It came with Mac OS
39. Laptop from Apple
40. Laptop with a Clamshell design
41. ThinkPad alternative
42. Peer Gynt playwright
43. Confident assertion
44. Told you so!
45. Told you!
46. Volunteer's words
47. Fruity frozen treat
48. Hail, e.g.
49. Creator of Nora Helmer
50. The Wild Duck playwright
51. Billionaire Carl
52. Hedda Gabler playwright