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1. Parachutist's cry
2. "Here I go...!"
3. Real-life character in thewestern "Broken Arrow"
4. Paratrooper's jumping cry
5. Apache leader who fought against Mexico and Arizona
6. Apache leader who appeared in TR's inaugural parade
7. Indian legend?
8. Res ___ (deeds)
9. It exceeds the sum of its parts
10. Mural surface
11. Apache leader
12. Paratrooper's yell
13. Famous Apache
14. Apache chief
15. I'm in free falllllllllllllll!
16. Cry before a fall
17. Paratrooper's cry
18. Real-life character in the 1950 western "Broken Arrow"
19. Paratroopers' war cry
20. Jumping cry of U S paratroopers
21. Indian chief or the cry of the parachute troops
22. Take-off cry of parachute troops
23. "I'm in free falllllllllllllll!"
24. 19th-century leader portrayed by Wes Studi and Joseph Runningfox in 1993 films
25. Apache raider
26. Big name in skydiving?
27. Chief of the Chiricahuas.
28. Exiting cry
29. Fall announcement?
30. Jump accompanier?
31. Noted Apache leader
32. Paratrooper's battle cry
33. Skydiving shout
34. Cry from the sky
35. Frobe of films
36. Plasterlike surfaces
37. Walking and talking, e.g.
38. Tale of derring-do
39. Accra's land
40. P.C. Wren's Beau
41. Adventurous tale
42. Still Standing actress Jami
43. Girl's nickname.
44. He headed the 15th Army.
45. Old man: Comb. form.
46. Massachusetts Governor who gave his name to unfair political practice.
47. Of Thee I Sing composer.
48. Manipulate to gain unfair advantage.
49. Cry of the paratrooper
50. Chief of the Chiricahuas
51. Chiricahua Apache leader who died in 1909