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1. Its slogan begins "minutes could save you ..."
2. Company with a lizard mascot
3. Company repped by a gecko
4. Brand with a reptilian mascot
5. Company with cavemen spokespeople
6. Insurance company that gets you a quote in 15 minutes or less
7. So easy a caveman can do it company
8. Company featuring cavemen in its ads
9. Insurance company founded in 1936 for government employees
10. Some of its ads feature a pig named Maxwell
11. It's what you do insurance company
12. Company with "It's what you do" ads
13. Company with "save you 15%" ads
14. Employer of a lizard and a pig
15. One of its ads involves Marco Polo playing Marco Polo
16. Company whose spoofed horror film ad has the line, "Why can't we just get in the running car?"
17. Hairstyling need
18. Foam alternative
19. Deprive of vitality
20. Cowlick fixer
21. Shampoo, maybe
22. 32-Across offering
23. Lock fixer?
24. They may make your hair stand on end
25. Get along well
26. Trait-ors?
27. Allstate competitor
28. Employer of a Cockney-sounding gecko
29. Company with a spokeslizard
30. Company whose commercials feature lizards and cavemen
31. Insurance giant with a spokesreptile
32. Insurer with a spokesreptile
33. Progressive rival
34. Car insurer
35. Insurance company with a lizard mascot
36. Big name in insurance
37. Insurance giant
38. Its slogan begins "15 minutes could save you ..."
39. "15 minutes could save you 15 percent" company
40. "Hump Day" firm
41. "It's what you do" insurance company
42. "So easy a caveman can do it" company
43. Advertiser with a computer-generated mascot
44. Allstate alternative
45. Allstate rival
46. American company whose mascot has a Cockney accent
47. Auto insurance giant
48. Berkshire Hathaway company
49. Berkshire Hathaway subsidiary
50. Bruce of "Nebraska"
51. Buffett's insurance firm
52. Buffett's insurer
53. Company advertised with the slogan "So easy a caveman can do it"
54. Company pitched by cavemen
55. Company that once ran a commercial about a camel excited for Hump Day
56. Company that renames Halloween in their ads every year
57. Company whose mascot was interviewed by Chelsea Clinton in 2013
58. Company whose spoofed horror film ad has the line "Why can't we just get in the running car?"
59. Company with TV ads of irritated cavemen
60. Company with a green mascot
61. Company with a reptilian mascot
62. Company with a spokesgecko
63. Competitor of State Farm
64. Firm with a spokeslizard?
65. Gecko's employer
66. Insurance company with TV ads featuring cavemen
67. Insurance company with a reptilian mascot
68. Insurance company with a spokesgecko
69. Insurance company with cavemen in their ads
70. Insurance giant proclaiming "It's not just easy it's ___ easy"
71. Insurer with a caveman mascot
72. Insurer with funny ads
73. Its ads spawned the show "Cavemen"
74. Its slogan begins "15 minutes could save you..."
75. Liberty Mutual rival
76. One of five Norwegian kings
77. Progressive alternative
78. Progressive competitor
79. Progressive rival with a green mascot
80. State Farm competitor
81. State Farm rival
82. Travelers alternative
83. Man behind the counter?
84. Icy
85. Wish granter
86. Hokkaido hostess
87. Japanese entertainer
88. Insurer known for its gecko