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1. Modern Abyssinia
2. Where to spend birr
3. Its capital was once Gondar
4. Eritrea split from it
5. Major coffee exporter
6. Where the Blue Nile begins
7. World's most populous landlocked country
8. Formerly Abyssinia
9. Where Selassie ruled
10. Where the skeleton "Lucy" was found
11. Menelik II's land
12. Addis Ababa's nation
13. Its capital is Addis Ababa
14. Addis Ababa's country
15. Addis Ababa's land
16. DIY handicrafts site
17. Tony's son, who was arrested in London for public drunkenness
18. It's worth about a dollar
19. Pindar's "Pillar of Heaven"
20. Neighbor of Somalia
21. Major coffee-bean producer
22. Haile Selassie was emperor of this African country (8)
23. Abyssinia, today
24. Land on the Red Sea
25. Mild oath (4)
26. African country
27. I hope it transformed a country in Africa
28. Invaded in 1935
29. Abyssinia now
30. Abyssinia once
31. Abyssinia today
32. Addis Ababa is its capital
33. African country that is the site of the First Hegira
34. African nation
35. Big coffee-exporting country and an RHCP song to boot
36. Citrus component
37. Djibouti neighbor
38. Eritrea neighbor
39. Fasil Ghebbi land
40. Haile Gerima's home country
41. Haile Selassie was the last emperor of this African nation reigning from 1930 to 1974
42. Haile Selassie's country
43. Haile Selassie's land
44. Horn of Africa nation
45. Hot country.
46. It has accepted a plan to end its two-year-old border war
47. It has reached a deal with Eritrea to end their border war
48. Kenya neighbor
49. Lake Tana's locale
50. Most populous landlocked nation
51. Most-populous landlocked country in the world
52. Neighbor of Kenya
53. President Negasso Gidada's land
54. Sahle-Work Zewde was elected this African country's first female president on Oct. 25
55. Selassie's land
56. Somalia neighbor
57. Somalia neighbour
58. Sudan neighbor
59. Where Empress Zauditu ruled
60. Where Lucy was found
61. Where the Blue Nile rises
62. Country of the Blue Nile
63. Country of East Africa
64. Cultural spirit
65. Centric leader
66. Kurds or Serbs
67. Prefix meaning "race"
68. Prefix with musicology
69. European eruption site
70. Active one, in Sicily
71. People: Prefix
72. Community spirit
73. Character of a community
74. Group sharing a common culture
75. Cultural
76. Stephen: Fr.
77. Race: Comb. form.
78. Country of the Blue Nile.
79. Subject of Haile Selassie.
80. Character of a group.
81. Of an African nation.
82. Neighbor of Somaliland
83. Hot country
84. Country in Horn of Africa, capital is Addis Ababa
85. Addis Ababa is the capital of
86. Country freed from Italian rule at Battle of Adwa
87. Africa’s leading coffee-producing country
88. Landlocked country linked to the origin of coffee
89. Country whose capital is Addis Ababa