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1. "The Hunger Games" chaperon
2. American Marketing Association advertising award
3. She drew the tributes' names in "The Hunger Games"
4. Sam Spade's secretary, __ Perine
5. Silas Marner's adoptee
6. Trinket in "The Hunger Games"
7. Annual marketing award
8. Dreamgirls role
9. ___ Trinket ("The Hunger Games" chaperone)
10. __ Trinket, "The Hunger Games" chaperone played by Elizabeth Banks
11. Jennifer Hudson's "Dreamgirls" role
12. __ White, Jennifer Hudson's role in the film "Dreamgirls"
13. Take care of one's taxes sans paper
14. Grade meaning "Maybe you failed, but at least you tried"
15. Violinist Zimbalist or actor Zimbalist, Jr.
16. People of Nigeria.
17. Sam Spade's secretary
18. Annual advertising award
19. Heroine of "Heart of Midlothian"
20. "Dreamgirls" character ___ White (hidden in SHEFFIELD)
21. "Dreamgirls" role
22. "The Hunger Games" chaperone
23. Advertising's version of the Grammy
24. Cousin to the Clio Award
25. Edgar Bergen dummy Klinker
26. Escort in 'The Hunger Games'
27. Gray who married John Ruskin and John Everett Millais
28. Jennifer in "Dreamgirls"
29. Jennifer in "Dreamgirls"
30. Katniss' "Hunger Games" chaperone
31. Lead role in "Dreamgirls"
32. Little Euphemia.
33. Marketing award
34. Miss Klinker
35. Nickname for Euphemia
36. Sam Spade's secretary ___ Perine
37. Sam's secretary in "The Maltese Falcon"
38. White of "Dreamgirls"
39. ___ Klinker: Bergen dummy
40. ___ Trinket "The Hunger Games" chaperone played by Elizabeth Banks
41. ___ White Jennifer Hudson's role in the film "Dreamgirls"
42. ___ White one of the girls in "Dreamgirls"
43. Jennifer, in "Dreamgirls"
44. Protest dummy
45. Either Zimbalist
46. Dummy in a protest
47. Part of a C minor scale
48. Sincere attempt
49. Get an ___ effort
50. Kellogg's waffle brand
51. Good grief!
52. Pond denizen
53. Newts
54. Achievements.