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1. Energy department competition to build green autos
2. Leaf or Volt
3. Department of Energy sustainable vehicle competition
4. Transport running on biodiesel, say
5. Chevy Volt or Ford Fusion
6. Chevy Volt or Nissan Leaf
7. Honda Insight, e.g.
8. Environmentally friendly auto
9. Fusion, for one
10. Tesla Model X, for one
11. Subj. for a forest ranger
12. Ban on strip mining, e.g.
13. Collأ¨ge, e.g.
14. Place for une facultأ©
15. Where to learn anglais
16. Dangerous breakout
17. Place of learning in France
18. Green wheels
19. Environmentally friendly vehicle
20. Zero-emission vehicle, e.g.
21. Environmentally-friendly vehicle
22. Volt, for one
23. Green vehicle
24. Ford Fusion, e.g.
25. Prius, e.g.
26. "Green" vehicle
27. Ford Fusion e.g.
28. Fusion for one
29. Green jam ingredient?
30. Green machine
31. Green traffic sight?
32. Honda Insight e.g.
33. Hybrid ride
34. Nissan Leaf e.g.
35. Nissan Leaf for one
36. One that's going green?
37. Prius or Tesla
38. Prius e.g.
39. Prius for one
40. Tesla vehicle
41. Tesla famously
42. Toyota Prius e.g.
43. Transport running on biodiesel say
44. Volt for one
45. Zero-emission vehicle e.g.
46. Area of E.P.A. purview: Abbr.
47. France's ___ Polytechnique
48. Where أ©lأ¨ves study
49. C.D.C. concern
50. Actor Byrnes
51. Prefix for 'outer'
52. Earth Day subj.
53. Toyota Prius, e.g.