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1. Ionian isle
2. An Ionian island
3. Island the Greeks call Kerkyra
4. Vacation spot in the Ionian Sea
5. Second-largest of the Ionian Islands
6. Vacation isle in the Ionian Sea
7. Island of Greece
8. 5-Down island
9. Greek vacation spot
10. Birthplace of Prince Philip
11. Greek vacation isle
12. Argonauts' island refuge
13. Hokey jokes
14. Like some eye surgery
15. Red and white stoppers?
16. Carnival fare on a stick
17. Surname a 5th grader might snicker at
18. Part of a Western Hemisphere nation
19. Greek tourist island
20. Ionian island where "For Your Eyes Only" was filmed
21. Ionian island where the Argonauts took refuge
22. Island in the Ionian Sea
23. Ionian island off the coast of Albania
24. Island off Greece
25. The comedian ordered ___
26. One of the Ionian Islands
27. Dress up mostly on upper-class holiday island
28. Company has the fur flying on the island (5)
29. Greek port
30. Greek port where Prince Philip was born
31. Where Prince Philip was born
32. Ionian island stronghold
33. Greek Ionian isle off Albania
34. Greek island
35. Greek island destination
36. Greek island frequented by Poseidon
37. Greek island popular with tourists
38. Greek island where Prince Philip was born
39. Greek island.
40. Greek isle
41. Greek resort island
42. Greek resort isle
43. Greek tourist destination
44. Historic Greek island.
45. Home to Ionian University
46. Home to a hundred and four Greeks
47. Ionian island
48. Ionian Sea island
49. Ionian Sea isle
50. Ionian Sea vacation isle
51. Ionian Sea vacation spot
52. Ionian island where 'For Your Eyes Only' was filmed
53. Ionian island.
54. Ionian isle.
55. Ionian seaport.
56. Island in NW Greece
57. Island named for a nymph
58. Large Greek island off the coast of Albania
59. Northernmost Ionian island
60. One of the Ionian Islands.
61. Part of the Ionian Islands
62. Prince Philip's birthplace
63. Prince Philip's isle of birth
64. Scheria today
65. Second largest of the Ionian Islands.
66. Tourist destination in the Ionian Sea
67. Touristy isle off Greece
68. Western Greek island
69. Bottle insert
70. Certain fair fare
71. Entourage
72. ___ de menthe
73. Trumpet relative
74. Short-legged dog
75. Sharer of 1947 Nobel Prize in Medicine.
76. Port in Ireland.
77. Pembroke ___, Queen Elizabeth's dog.
78. Greek seaport.
79. Bark of an oak tree.
80. Breed of Welsh dogs.
81. Welsh ___, Princess Anne's pet dog.
82. Bobber.
83. Stoppers.
84. Welsh breed of dog.
85. Large Ionian island
86. Historic Greek island
87. Second largest of the Ionian Islands